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Confident, Resilient Middle Schoolers: PRICELESS!

The Country School, located in Madison, CT, is surrounded by districts with excellent public schools. Families often move to Madison and neighboring towns for the public education. However, as good as the local public school systems may be, an independent school education provides in ways that public school simply cannot. Students at The Country School are made to feel safe and are nurtured socially and emotionally. With our small class sizes and advisor program, they are able to form meaningful relationships with their teachers both in and out of the classroom. The students are provided with time to play with recess every day; we don’t rush growing up at The Country School. Students learn about leadership, that their voice matters, and how to problem solve. We prepare our Middle School students to face the future with confidence.

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  • Is Middle School Private School Tuition Really Worth it?

    Absolutely, because your child is likely to love school and therefore apply themselves academically with more verve. The Middle School years are a critical time for students to understand that teachers are their allies and to take responsibility for their learning. At The Country School teachers tend to the social and emotional growth of students through opportunities for leadership, outdoor education, and global community service.
  • How will my child be different if I invest in a Middle School education?

    She or he will be confident, care deeply about education, and be well-prepared for high school and college. Knowing each student fully, teachers set the bar high academically and students get involved in far more activities than they ever imagined: all students participate in team sports, the performing arts and the visual arts. These experiences create trusting (and lasting) relationships between teachers and students.
  • How can a school best support Middle Schoolers as they confront current day stresses?

    In addition to the age-old struggles of fitting in, peer pressure and succeeding academically, today’s pre-teens must deal with social media and fears about gun violence and personal safety. Students confront rigor while still relishing the joy, exploration and laughter of childhood. Our program is specifically designed to counter students’ anxiety and worries and seeks to make stress a positive.
  • How does a school turn stress into a positive feeling?

    Every day students enjoy two recesses, and walking outside on our campus between classes allows for additional fresh air and social moments to clear their heads. Country School teachers are experts on Middle School development and support students in navigating peer relationships.
  • Who influences your child?

    If you are doing your job as parents, your child is becoming more independent and is beginning to pull away. Middle Schoolers still need approval but they are beginning to seek it elsewhere. The peer group is becoming a bigger influence. During the Middle School years, brain development is occurring at a rapid pace and students are experiencing physiological, as well as social changes. Leadership is a huge component of our program and we want our students to collaborate, be kind, and bring the quieter voices forward. At The Country School, the low teacher-student ratio allows students easy and frequent access to adults. They look to their teachers for approval as much as to their peers. Their trusting relationships with their teachers are partly why Country School students buck statistical trends and partake in far less risk-taking behavior than typical.
  • Why Invest in and Pay for a Middle School Education?

    For our families, the tuition is an investment not only in a lifetime of learning but in parental peace of mind. We often hear it said that the first tuition check is the hardest to write. Once students are happy and thriving, however, the value is beyond dispute. 
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