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Top 6 Benefits of Private School

Schools are in the business of educating children. Private schools, however, recognize the importance of educating parents as well. The price tag of a private school education might dissuade some parents from considering enrolling their school-age children. However, the benefits of private school are many, and it is critical for families to know their choices. Learning about the advantages of private school makes the cost of tuition a non-issue because a private school education pays dividends.

Is private school worth it? Absolutely. 

Private School Advantages

  1. It’s Cool to be Smart
Private school classrooms are filled with students who are eager to be in school and love learning. Such positive can-do attitudes easily result in energetic, dynamic, and active classroom experiences. Children thirst to learn in a culture where it is cool to be smart. 
At private school, overhearing students talking about points of interest from their lessons beyond the classroom is not uncommon. An added advantage of the private school culture is the positive peer pressure students embody. The positive examples they set for each other in turn set them up for success.

  1. The Faculty
Private school teachers do not choose their profession for the paycheck. Nor do they benefit from the safety of tenure. Another advantage of private schools are the teachers, a breed unlike any other. Partnering and mentoring are common practice at private schools. And that same approach to lesson planning is mirrored in the students they teach. 

Among all faculty members exists a palpable creative energy and spark. Private school teachers provide mentorship to each other, they readily share their knowledge and passion for their subject matter. Driven by the school’s mission, they are on a constant quest for improvement. And this collaborative, can-do behavior is mirrored in the students they teach.
  1. Social and Emotional Learning
Private school teachers actively engage in the social and emotional learning of the students, acknowledging the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Advisor programs replace the public school homeroom model, with advisors serving as intermediaries, mentors, coaches and proctors. Advisors help students set and reach goals and navigate any academic or social concerns. Private school advisors encourage self-advocacy skills both in and out of the classroom. Additionally, they become the point person for parents, students and other faculty members if problems arise.

At The Country School, social and emotional learning complements academic learning. Students are taught to value mindful reflection and to take brave breaths before confronting challenges. They learn that their voices matter and to truly be a good listener, they must be open to others’ viewpoints. They practice empathy, self-respect, respect for others, and kindness. 

Such learning does not exist in a vacuum; it is woven into everything we do at The Country School. Specifically, at Country School PreSchool, students have a breath mat in their classroom. They can request to sit, take a moment, and even use the breath ball should they need some calming. They practice yoga on an ongoing basis and even have a classroom job of a Yoga Pose Leader.  They are slowly integrating meditation and mindfulness into their schedule, and consistently working on identifying and managing feelings. County School PreSchoolers are taught strategies to deal with their emotions. Finally, teaching kindness and empathy are at the heart of every day in PreSchool, as teachers and students model and role play.

  1. Meaningful Connections
Teachers and advisors develop meaningful relationships with students and parents to form a solid and lasting team. In a private school environment, teachers have myriad opportunities to develop connections among community members: with parents as partners on the students’ educational journey. 

Even after graduation, private schools attract visitors to enrich learning opportunities. Alumni return to share their experiences and successes and even work on campus. A testament to meaningful connections and a school that fosters a feeling of family, at The Country School, alumni return to campus to teach summer camps. They serve as Elmore Leadership Fellows and members of our DEI team. One of our alumnus is now one of our Middle School teachers, and other alumni have their own children attending The Country School.

  1. Class Size
Private schools have the distinct advantage of smaller class size. With a low student:teacher ratio, students quickly learn that each voice matters and no one can hide in the back of the room or slip through the proverbial cracks. Small class sizes also provide teachers with the ability to get to know their students very well. This familiarity lends to individualized teaching even within one classroom. Teachers know their students, they know how far they can stretch them and when to ease up. Such an intimacy is impossible in heavily populated classes. 

  1. Individual Attention
Given the small class size, it naturally follows that students are given individualized attention. Reading and writing workshops, one-on-one instruction, enrichment and/or remediation are continued benefits of private schools. Teachers craft their lessons for “the student” and not broadly for “the group.” Such individualized attention is also enhanced by the teacher-parent partnerships private school culture encourages. 
An added advantage that springs from small class size is improved behavior. Fewer discipline problems arise when students understand their accountability and merit.

Is Private School Worth the Investment?
Is private school worth the cost? Absolutely. 

Private schools become a place of happiness where alumni return to enroll their own children and faculty spend their careers. This happiness breeds enthusiasm for learning and a desire to succeed. The internal and external motivation the students have often results in their earning  merit scholarships at secondary schools and beyond. For certain, an investment in private schools pays off.

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