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Help Your Child Succeed In School

At home and in school, parents and teachers model how children can become confident, focused, and independent learners. 

From completing assignments and preparing for tests to budgeting time and completing household chores, Country School teachers have compiled some time-tested strategies to help parents help their school age children. 

Top Ten Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

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  • 1. Stress the importance of organization and routines.

    Help your child structure a homework routine which does not include sitting with them and doing their homework together, but does include checking in with them at the end to see that their homework is done. Help them make a to do list. But do not do the list for them.
  • 2. Give you child space.

    Give your child quiet space to complete their homework without hovering or asking a ton of questions. When your child has a question, guide them using your child's classwork instead of providing the answer. 
  • 3. Help them budget their time.

    Talk about what assignments they have, check their planner, take a look at the week ahead for big assignments. Teach them to prioritize their assignments so they can then experience the sweet reward of free time. 
  • 4. Let your child know it’s okay to make mistakes.

    Sometimes the best lessons are learned when parents let go a little bit and let their kids find their own way. Encourage your child to love learning, to enjoy the process, and not to be caught up in the final result. Always emphasize effort and curiosity.
  • 5. Let them use their voices.

    Teach your child how to advocate for themselves. Make sure they know their teachers are on their side.
  • 6. Model successful behavior.

    Engage in conversations and activities with your child about how schoolwork is a priority. Prioritize and model reading in your home. Take regular trips to the library and bookstore. Talk about books and ideas at the dinner table.
  • 7. Don't over-schedule your child.

    Be mindful when scheduling extracurricular activities so adequate time to complete homework remains.
  • 8. Form partnerships.

    Partner with your child’s teachers and maintain open lines of communication.
  • 9. Put your child in the driver's seat.

    Ask your child questions rather than give them answers: What do you think you should do about that problem? Who can help you with that at school? Let them problem-solve.
  • 10. Make time.

    Set aside time to practice a specific skill or reinforce content. Having your child create flashcards and practice math facts with them in the car, while cooking dinner, and before bed. Read to your child as long as they'll let you and after that, read alongside them so you can still share books and ideas. Listen to books together to share in the joy. Model your reading life, even if it's for work.
Utilizing these strategies will help your children meet with greater success in and out of the classroom. We invite you to learn more about how Country School helps children succeed.
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