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Country School Serves a Diverse Range of Learners

The Country School, an independent PreSchool-8th Grade school, recognizes that every child learns differently and at different rates.
 Through professional development, decades of classroom experience, and regular communication among faculty, students and parents, The Country School boasts a program that nurtures every student. Some children may stretch to meet with academic success while others meet expectations more easily and are given enrichment. Knowing this learning spectrum, specialists work with teachers to collaborate on student learning including strategies to recognize and address varied learning styles and use differentiated instruction and methodologies.

The Country School’s Learning Support Program is designed to identify and deliver strategies and methods to enhance student learning and to meet the wide range of learning needs in the classroom. Our current Learning Support Team consists of a Reading Specialist, a Math Specialist, and a Learning Specialist. Each specialist’s primary focus is to support teachers and students and communicate with parents for their understanding and positive involvement.

At The Country School academic growth for all students is promoted and carefully monitored throughout the eleven-year continuum. It is our goal to meet each child where they are in their development and provide for them what they need to be the best learners they can be. Collaboration and communication among teachers, parents, administrators and specialists is at the forefront of our work.  

The Country School’s small class size provides teachers with opportunities to create meaningful relationships with their students and their families. Such partnerships help pave the road to academic success. Learn more about how The Country School serves its students. 
In order to best serve our diverse range of learners, teachers find each student’s strengths and areas of potential growth. This is the first step on the road to academic success. 

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Founded in 1955, The Country School is a coeducational, independent school serving students in PreSchool-Grade 8. The Country School is committed to active, hands-on learning and a vigorous curriculum that engages the whole child.