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Both parents and alumni place incredible importance on the exposure to public speaking at every age, marveling at how that training instilled in students a confidence that carries on throughout their lives and in every aspect of their lives. Being able to speak in public means students use their voices for so many reasons. Knowing and using their voices, our students learn that what they have to say is important and that what others have to say is worth hearing. Our Public Speaking program helps even the most timid speakers become confident orators, preparing them for a world of possibilities from college and job interviews to presentations and stage productions to simply standing up for what’s right in any situation.

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Every Student at Our School Has a Voice and is Encouraged to Use It

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  • Public Speaking

    Our Public Speaking signature program has the annual MacLane Poetry Recitation as its most visible growth experience. Begun by the school’s first Headmaster, David T. Maclane, in 1957 and held every year since, the MacLane Recitation is The Country School’s oldest tradition.
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Bill Dennett, educational consultant and former Director of Admission at Choate Rosemary Hall and Emma Willard School

When I worked in admissions, we could always tell which students came from The Country School. In an interview, they were comfortable speaking with adults and could handle unexpected questions because they could think and speak on their feet. Later, when Country School students enrolled, they were among the first to offer an opinion during a class discussion or ask for extra help when it was needed
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