The Country School honors our students’ creativity, sense of wonder, and intellectual curiosity. Our integrated curriculum aligns rigorous academics with a commitment to character and leadership development. We nurture every student’s unique role in the community, empowering each to serve the common good. Graduates of The Country School face the future with confidence and an education that lasts a lifetime.

Parent Testimonials

"As parents of three children currently attending The Country School, we are beyond impressed with how seamlessly the school was able to implement distance learning. Though the physical location of this learning is now our kitchen table, instead of the beautiful campus, our children have all the same educational values, tools, and expectations reinforced by the entire TCS staff. Our children are able to follow their same school schedule, engage in thought-provoking classroom discussions, submit work, and receive feedback and assessments from their teachers. The daily activities provide connection and continuity between the teachers, students, and TCS community.  One of the highlights of my daughter’s week is when she has video lunch with her Kindergarten teacher and friends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this challenging time, The Country School has gone above and beyond any expectation we had of the educational experience our children could receive through distance learning."

– Heidi and Howard Rogers P '23, '25, '28

"The TCS faculty and staff have done a tremendous job of initiating and executing distance learning for my three children.  They are all able to interact and learn daily using various technologies to facilitate student-teacher and student-student communication.  The schedule and structure of the school days, along with supplemental work given by the teachers, have made this as seamless a transition as possible.  The daily circulations from the faculty and staff encouraging feedback from the parents and children have allowed us to still feeling connected and incorporated in the TCS community."

– Lauren Schwartz, P ’20, ’22, ’27 ​

"The Country School has provided a continuity of community and education for my 3rd Grader.  Each day she looks forward to meeting with her class and seeing her teacher and friends all while learning new material presented in a thoughtful and scheduled way."

– Gretchen Matkin, P ’15, ’18, ’25  

"Let me be honest - Distance learning for our family has been filled with a roller coaster of emotions.  Within the first couple weeks, we, along with every family around the world, felt emotions of fear, discomfort, and even anger at times as we each had to embrace our new reality in many unimaginable ways. However, being a part of The Country School has brought structure, familiarity, and a unique shift in how we learn, as well as a deeper bond with those we cherish within our community."

– Mary & Dan Hally, P’23, ’25

"I am not sure there are adequate words for me to be able to fully express how grateful I am to The Country School staff and faculty and their education and care of my children. My children have been engaged with their teachers and classmates from home on a daily basis. They remain curious and interested and appreciate their connections with their teachers and classmates. In addition, the school works hard to maintain the strong sense of community that it has always had and is well known for."

– Claudia Califano, P ’22, ’26


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