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Founded in 1955 by a Group of Parents and Educators

Founded in 1955 by a group of parents and educators, The Country School is a private day school in Madison, Connecticut, where learning comes alive through hands-on exploration and discovery. Incredible teachers and small classes encourage meaningful and lasting relationships between children and faculty. Emphasizing all aspects of student growth ― academic, social/emotional, physical, creative, and moral ― The Country School educates the whole child.

Students and faculty spend much time outdoors on The Country School’s 23-acre wooded campus, one that provides freedom to safely celebrate, explore, and learn about the natural environment. Here learning and discovery take place year-round during summer camps as well as throughout the school year in before and after care and enrichment programs.

Since its founding, The Country School has relied on its community to support the Mission, which honors our students’ creativity, sense of wonder, and intellectual curiosity. The Country School’s integrated curriculum aligns rigorous academics with a commitment to character and leadership development. We nurture every student’s unique role in the community, empowering each to serve the common good. Graduates face the future with confidence and an education that lasts a lifetime.

Buzzing with Energy

From PreSchool through 8th Grade, the hands-on curriculum focuses on reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and global languages enhanced by the arts and physical education offerings that provide challenging opportunities for individual growth. Throughout the campus, classes are filled with buzzing energy as students and teachers engage in dialogue, exploration, and discovery. Signature programs such as STEAM (cross-curricular science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), Outdoor Education, Elmore Leadership, and Public Speaking are some key areas in which seek to advance 21st Century skills. Complementing an academic program that challenges our students, we also value play; every student every day enjoys outdoor recess. This shoreline school is a treasure for residents of New Haven County.

Beginning in the Primary Years, PreSchool - 3rd Grade, children experience traditional academic subjects as well as the arts, physical education, STEAM, and global language. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. The children are provided with various chances to participate in their community through classroom jobs, service opportunities, performances, and class meetings. All the while Primary teachers attend to the developing social/emotional life of each child.

Continuing in 4th and 5th Grade, the Intermediate Grades, students gain more independence in preparation for Middle School. Academic and extracurricular responsibilities increase as students have countless opportunities to practice self-advocacy and leadership skills.

Culminating with the Middle School is rigorous academic program that is rich and diverse in its offerings. Middle School students develop and pursue their interests through clubs and other extracurricular and enrichment offerings.

Students Make Positive Contributions

The Country School students make positive contributions to the community through academics, the arts, athletics, and service. In addition to the traditional disciplines during this 11-year experience is an education in the arts. At The Country School, the arts are a vital component to our signature STEAM program. Visual and performing arts provide students with opportunities to collaborate as they build their self-esteem in a welcoming environment.

The Country School seeks to prepare students to confidently meet personal and ethical challenges as well as foster respect for all kinds of differences. Teachers craft lessons that allow students to accept others’ differences and to assume their responsibility to serve the common good. Through regular community service projects students of all ages learn that they can and do make a difference in our shoreline community and beyond.

Also in sync with The Country School’s Mission is our athletics program. All students are expected to give their top effort as they represent their school through their kindness and sportsmanship. The Middle School athletics program focuses on skills development, teamwork, and enjoyment of the games. The student-athletes learn to work together toward a common goal and support their teammates.

The Heart of Country School

The Country School prepares students to excel in high school and beyond, and our alumni attend some of the finest secondary schools and colleges in the country. Despite the prestigious degrees and diplomas they earn, our graduates consistently maintain that what they hold most dear is the person they have become on a journey that began at The Country School, the independent day school in New Haven County, where they spent their formative PreSchool, Lower School, Intermediate, and Middle School years.