Beyond the classroom supplies we provide, refer to this grade-by-grade list of specifics.


  • Snack-packed in a separate, labeled bag from lunch (Bento Box preferred)
  • Reusable sip top water bottle 
  • Lunch (with ice pack)  reusable bento box
  •  Backpack everyday. It is recommended that the backpack be large enough to fit the lunch box, seasonal clothing and art that the children may take home
  • Nap Mat. These mats have  a  built-in pillow, blanket and strap for easy roll up and storage. (one small stuffed toy- optional) -  Full Day Students Only

  •  Change of clothes which should include: shirt, pants/shorts, few pairs of underwear, few pairs of socks, and shoes (everything labeled)

  • Backpack large enough to hold artwork, library book, extra clothing, snack and lunch
  • Snack (labeled)
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Lunch with ice pack (labeled)
  • Resting blanket
  • One small stuffed toy (optional) -  Full Day Students
  • Extra set of  labeled clothes in a ziplock bag which should include: shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, socks and shoes (to be changes seasonally)
Kindergarten-3rd Grade
  • Backpack large enough to hold artwork, library book, snack, water bottle, and lunch
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Lunch bag with ice pack (labeled)
  • Snack bag (labeled)
  • Kindergarten only: extra set of clothes (all labeled) in a labeled ziploc bag which should include shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, socks
2nd-8th Grade
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade - Camp Chair (labeled with Name) Amazon Basics Portable Folding Camping Chair with Carrying Bag
4th Grade
  • Sticky notes 3x5 
  • Pencil case
  • Pens - black and blue 
  • Index cards 3" x 5" ruled 
  • Notebook paper (1 Pack)
  • Pencils, 12 ct. yellow #2, sharpened 
  • 1 heavy duty folder with pockets
  • 2 Marble notebooks

5th Grade
  • Index cards 3" x 5" ruled, 100 ct. 
  • Sticky notes
  •  3"x5", lined, 100 count 
  •  3"x 3", lined, single pad
  • Sharpie ultra fine markers - BLACK
  • Pencil case, NYLON - zip up and metal grommets for binder
  • Pencils, 12 ct. yellow #2, sharpened LOTS!!!!!!!!
  • Highlighters (4 different colors)
  • Subject dividers, 8 slot, colored tabs 
  • 2” 3-ring zipper binder  (no accordion style in the binder) 
  • Notebook paper for binder, 150 ct. (REINFORCED, wide-ruled)             
  • Prisma pre-sharpened colored pencils, 24 ct. (pricey, but NEEDED)
  • Set of Thank You notecards (pack of 10)
  • Global Language- one black composition notebook that will be reused each year
  • INEXPENSIVE yoga mat (will be used in the classrooms & outside)

6th - 8th Grade
  • Sticky notes
    • 3"x5", 100 ct
    • 3" x 3" yellow, single pad. 
  • Ruler, 12"/30 cm 
  • Protractor, 6" clear
  • Scientific calculator - write your name on the back  
  • Sharpies 
    • ultra fine (black and colored) 
    • fine markers (colored) 
  • Pencil case, Nylon - metal grommets for binder
  • Writing Utensils
    • Pens - black and blue
    • Pencils
    • 24 ct. yellow #2, pre-sharpened
    • Colored pre-sharpened pencils, 24 ct.
  • Eraser or eraser caps
  • Highlighters   
  • A 2" 3-ring binder for all subjects
  • Subject dividers, 8 slot, colored tabs 
  • Index cards, 3" x 5" ruled, 100 ct. 
  • Paper
    • Wide ruled paper, 150 ct, three-hole punched
    • 4x4 ruled, 3-hole punched graph paper
  • Two to three standard (7.5 x 9.75 inch) composition books  (need one for history, one for English, and one for French or Spanish, but Senora and Madame will give you the one you had last year so only get one if you are new to French or Spanish or new to the school)
  • Daily Homework Planner
  • The Country School provides school-issued Chromebooks for students in 3rd through 6th grade. Students in the Class of 2024 and 2025 are grandfathered into the prior policy and may bring their own devices, and school issued Chromebooks are available as needed by contacting
  • Makerspace consumables (optional) -  paper towel tubes, TP rolls, cardboard, containers (yogurt, egg cartons) and any other donations would be appreciated
Physical Education
  • Sneakers
  • Clothes you can easily move in. Check the weather on the day of class so you are prepared.
  • Optional: Students Grades 6-8 can bring a change of clothes and use the gym locker rooms.
Should come to practices wearing athletic clothes. Students should be prepared to practice indoors when there's inclement weather. The school provides uniforms for games for students to use for the season. Uniforms must be cleaned and returned at the end of the season.
  • Soccer
    • Soccer cleats, shin guards
  • Cross Country
    • Running shoes
  • Volleyball
    • Sneakers, volleyball knee pads
  • Basketball
    • Basketball sneakers
  • Baseball
    • Baseball glove, baseball cleats, gray baseball pants
  • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Sneakers
  • Tennis
    • Tennis racket, tennis sneakers
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