International Students

International Students

Welcome to The Country School and the International Students Program. We celebrate diversity of all kinds at The Country School and encourage international students to experience our program, one that distinguishes itself by educating beyond the classroom walls. 
In addition to the required minimum five academic classes, including courses in English, math, history, science, and a world language, either Spanish or French, we offer Latin, physical education, art, instrumental and choral music, and drama. Our Mission-driven programs highlight our uniqueness. Our young leaders speak comfortably in public to adults and peers, family and strangers. They prove that what they have to say is important and that what others have to say is worth hearing; the school-wide Elmore Leadership Program develops students into civic-minded citizens who will become tomorrow’s leaders; through integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) students tackle real-world problems creatively and collaboratively; and our signature Outdoor Education program provides unique learning and leadership opportunities for all participants.

While at The Country School, students will be provided with opportunities to improve their English proficiency; experience American culture and history; take advantage of The Country School’s geographic location, with its proximity to New York City, Boston, and New Haven; and to be considered for placement in elite prep schools, competitive boarding schools, or area parochial secondary schools.

Completed applicant files include the following:

  • Official transcripts
  • Previous year final transcript
  • Teacher Recommendations: English, Math
  • TOEFL Jr.
  • Virtual Interview, by appointment
  • Copy of passport
  • $75 Application Fee

International Student Tuition for the Academic Year 2023-24:

  • PreSchool: $27,660
  • PreKindergarten: $28,660
  • Kindergarten: $34,410
  • 1st Grade: $36,410
  • 2nd Grade: $36,410
  • 3rd Grade: $36,410
  • 4th Grade: $38,110
  • 5th Grade: $39,210
  • 6th Grade: $42,310
  • 7th Grade: $42,310
  • 8th Grade: $43,030

Admissions Team

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    Mrs. Pamela Glasser 

    Director of Admission
    (203) 421-3113
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    Mrs. Kathleen Zane 

    Associate Director of Admission
    (203) 421-3113

Stoney Xu, 8th Grade International Student '19

It was a hard decision to come to America and attend The Country School, but I believe that my experience has been worth letting go of everything I had in China to start a new life here... I still recall the education I received in China; yes, they did teach us how to take in facts, how to answer questions, and how to get all the points on a test. Yet what we didn’t learn was how to question, how to think outside the box, how to use the knowledge we have to face practical, everyday problems. I may have been well prepared academically in China, but there is still more to learn here. The fascinating fact about The Country School is that freedom within limits inspires us more. At Country, my creativity and curiosity are benefitted the most. I seek answers, but not just only know how to write out answers or get them “right.” I make them, I prove them, I present them. I believe these research and DO-IT-MYSELF skills will benefit me for the rest of my life.

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