The U.S. Department of Education has made advancing STEM education a national priority, and at The Country School we have added the Arts to the mix, because if our aim is to prepare the innovators of tomorrow, then creativity and design are essential parts of the equation. Through integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, all students — PreSchool through Grade 8 — explore themes in depth and across the curriculum. They tackle real-world problems that require them to ask questions, problem solve, and use trial and error.

By integrating all elements of our curriculum, STEAM engages all learners, and the hands-on, creative nature of a STEAM exploration means the learning will last. Perhaps most important, STEAM gives our students the skills they will need for success in the future — communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity — and the inspiration to be tomorrow’s innovators.

Experts estimate that 65 percent of today's grade school students will end up working in jobs that have not been invented yet; The Country School's STEAM curriculum is designed to prepare them for that reality.

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STEAM at TCS: A slideshow

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