Connecting the dots between Will Levis, Jim Fixx’s son and the Junior Olympics

Josh Moore
Alum Will Levis connects with Head of School John Fixx
Kentucky quarterback Will Levis has a cannon for an arm. It was loaded from a young age. John Fixx, headmaster at The Country School, a Madison, Conn., private school that Levis attended through eighth grade, recalls watching a younger Levis throw a football around during school breaks. “He would knock his friends over with his passes,” Fixx said with a laugh.

Levis wanted to be a pro football quarterback for as long as Fixx has known him, he says, and because of that he was constantly trying to get stronger. That strength manifested in his arm but also throughout his entire frame, which he frequently used this season to barrel through opposing defenses; he rushed for 387 yards and nine touchdowns in addition to his 23 passing scores.

Fixx was unable to turn Levis over to his sport of choice, cross country, but is nonetheless proud of what he’s accomplished as a collegiate athlete. Levis is likewise impressed by the mentality that Fixx has instilled at The Country School since arriving there in 2013.

“He kind of brought that love of running to the school and got a lot of younger kids into cross country,” Levis said. “It’s just a really good way to stay in shape, and it’s crazy to see, even though it’s a pre-K through eighth grade school, how many good runners have come out of there.”

Fixx is the son of Jim Fixx, who in 1977 wrote “The Complete Book of Running,” which helped popularize the sport and its health benefits. This weekend he’ll bring two sisters, Tillie and Liv Killam, from Connecticut to compete in the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships, which will be held at Bourbon County Park in Paris. The event is expected to draw about 3,000 youth runners from across the country, all of whom qualified at the regional level. Liv and Tillie are among 10 runners who qualified from The Country School.

Fixx and his family from 1998 to 2003 lived in Lexington, where he was the headmaster at The Lexington School. He enjoyed running at the Kentucky Horse Park, Masterson Station Park and the Arboretum on UK’s campus.

“I trained on the hills at the Arboretum until I hated those hills,” Fixx said. “Then I ran them some more.”
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