Founders' Promise Fund

The Founders’ Promise Fund for Scholarship was created during The Country School's 50th anniversary year to honor the school’s founders and their desire to help all children reach their full potential. When The Country School began in 1955, the parents and educators who founded it did not envision an exclusive institution, but rather one which would “create an open atmosphere for learning in which parents and teachers working together can help children realize their full potential."

The Founders’ Promise Fund is an investment in the future. By assisting the school as we recruit and retain students, it helps gives more and more children the opportunity to realize their l potential. The Founders' Promise Fund is an essential component in our mission to provide an education that lasts a lifetime.The Founders’ Promise Fund began with a $50,000 gift from alumnus and former trustee Jeff Burt '61, his wife, Allee, and their children, Taylor '00 and Hilary '03. Since that time, the fund has grown exponentially, helping to educate scores of students who otherwise could not have afforded to attend.

I was delighted to give back to an institution that has done so much for my family. I know from personal experience how instrumental those early school years can be, and Allee, Taylor, Hilary, and I are thrilled that we might be able to help other children benefit from the kinds of experiences we had.

— Jeff Burt '61, when he and his family made their initial gift establishing the Founders' Promise Fund

Your generosity has enabled my son to attend TCS for the last three academic years, thus changing the trajectory of his life forever.

— Patricia Trapasso, former TCS parent