Early Childhood Curriculum

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  • Art

    PreKindergarten students enjoy daily opportunities to express themselves artistically using a variety of materials including (but not limited to) paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, stampers, ink pads, scissors, collage materials, recycled materials, glue, Play-Doh, and clay. In contrast to some teacher guided activities that focus on teaching specific skills, these art experiences encourage self-expression, experimentation, independent thinking, and stretching the imagination.
  • Library

    The core curriculum for the library adds depth to all other curricular areas for each grade level. We seek to foster a love of reading in our students by exploring literature and engaging in book discussions. We believe that research and information literacy skills are vital to success across every subject area. Guided by standards outlined by the American Library Association, we teach students how to find and access information effectively and efficiently, how to critically evaluate information and its sources, how to incorporate research into their own work, and how to properly cite information gathered through this process in their own work.
  • Music

    PreKindergarten students participate in the joy of musical learning through Music Together inspired classes. Students explore rhythm, pitch, steady beat, and more by listening and moving their bodies to different songs, chants, and stories.
  • Physical Education

    The PE department, first and foremost, is responsible for helping our young people acquire the skills and self-confidence they need to participate in a wide variety of physical activities. The curriculum seeks to develop strength, stamina, and coordination. Our hope is that what is gained through our fun and developmentally appropriate activities will go with them well beyond their school days. Students learn the motor skills necessary to participate in a wide variety of physical activities, helping them to understand the link between physical activity and good health. Among other resources, we draw from the SPARK program, Jump Rope for Heart, Great Activities, as well as Project Adventure curriculum.
  • Spanish

    Children are introduced to the Spanish language. Spanish is incorporated in an interactive way, through music, movement, storytelling and games, incorporating Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) and Responsive Classroom. Language instruction will be tied to the classroom curriculum, where appropriate. Particular emphasis is on the repetition of vocabulary and commands.

    Daily opportunities that allow children to further explore the world of science incorporate several key goals. While some lessons are planned and some are spontaneous, all encourage children to become more thorough observers, provide opportunities for investigation and discovery, foster a love and appreciation of the natural environment, stimulate logical thinking, and build a better understanding of the scientific process.

    In the classroom, children extend their learning by utilizing the STEAM components (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) for more in-depth investigation, teacher/student collaboration, student-initiated learning, and additional sharing of ideas. Collaboration with co-curricular teachers further enhances the children’s learning experiences and opportunities.
    All About Dinosaurs
    This PreK exploration involves history, science, geography, geology, math, engineering, visual arts, music, literature, and technology.
  • Elmore Leadership Program

    The Elmore Leadership Program at The Country School recognizes that at each grade level, students will develop leadership skills in different ways and at different times. In keeping with this 11 year continuum, the PreSchool through Third Grade Program strives to develop students into civic-minded citizens who will consistently practice our TCS core values of kindness, respect, and responsibility. Through carefully crafted activities, programs, and experiences, our students learn the power of teamwork, collaboration, empathetic listening, and appreciative inquiry. They take turns leading and letting others lead.

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