Elementary School: Grades 1-3

A child’s natural enthusiasm for learning

Welcome to the Primary Years, where The Country School Mission is alive each day. Encompassing young learners in Kindergarten and first grade through third grade, this private elementary school program appreciates and respects a child's natural enthusiasm for learning, curiosity about the world, and joy in being part of a special community.

The program is designed to include a thoughtful balance appropriate to the developmental stage of the different grade levels. Each day, children will experience vigorous activity and quiet time; traditional academic subjects along with the arts, physical education, STEAM, and global language; time inside the classroom and time outdoors; whole group instruction and individual attention.

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In the Primary Program, there is an emphasis placed on the developing social/emotional life of each child. Students are seen as individuals with unique strengths. We foster self-confidence and self-awareness as important ingredients for success in learning and living. Children are given many opportunities to contribute ― through classroom jobs, service commitments, performances, and class meetings. The feelings of pride and accomplishment gained through assuming roles of responsibility encourage leadership in the years to follow.

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