Middle School: Grades 6-8

Welcome to the Middle School, where students are engaged in active, hands-on learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

Rigorous academics

The academic core of the Middle School program is rigorous in content, adaptable to the needs of students, and wide in its breadth of offerings. Students in the Middle School are required to take a minimum of five academic classes, including courses in English, math, history, science, and a world language, either Spanish or French. In the 7th Grade, many students add Latin to their course of study. As the leading outdoor middle school in New Haven County, our students are engaged in a variety of additional programs and subjects, including STEAM, Outdoor Education, leadership training, physical education, art, instrumental and choral music, drama, service learning, and public speaking.

Growth opportunities

At The Country School, Middle School students have countless opportunities to develop and pursue their interests through clubs and other extracurricular offerings. In addition to our interscholastic athletic teams, which typically engage 90 percent of our students each year, and our Chorus, Chamber Chorus, Band, and Middle School musical, we offer the following teams and clubs: Robotics, Math Counts, Science Olympiad, Model UN, and TEDx. In recent years students have opted to participate in a statewide Diversity Leadership Conference, regional Spanish Spelling Bee (where they awarded first and third place trophies), foreign language poetry recitations, and choral and instrumental music recitals requiring auditions.

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Exceptional teachers

The Middle School teachers are rich in experience and diverse in expertise, and they truly come to know their students as individuals, through their interactions inside and outside of the classroom and through our advisor system. The combination allows for an academic and social experience that inspires students to reach their highest — academically and personally — and offers a ballast in today's chaotic and ever-changing world.

The advisor system is a cornerstone of Middle School experience at The Country School. Advisors provide guidance to students on academic and affective education matters and closely monitor the academic, social, and emotional growth and well-being of each advisee. They are the link between home and school and, as such, serve as conduits of information on student progress.

Through our advisor and life skills program, we also develop timely and effective programs to address areas of potential growth, with an eye towards benefiting both individuals and the group as a whole.

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