Early Childhood

Learning is a joyful process

Underlying our Early Childhood program for students in PreSchool and PreKindergarten is the philosophical belief that each child has unique gifts, that all children can learn, and that learning should be a joyful process. This Early Childhood program in Madison, CT, offers students an academic program rich with experimentation, hands-on learning, and an array of co-curricular classes and experiences, including global language, leadership, and STEAM.

Inspiring creativity, discovery, and wonder in Clark House

Our Early Childhood Program is housed in Clark House, a sunny, inviting building that inspires creativity and exploration with its wide, open spaces and myriad opportunities for discovery, reflection, activity, wonder, and quiet time. Large, low windows allow small children to look outside, and the outdoors becomes an extension of the classroom, where a focus on the natural sciences helps churn wonder and curiosity about the world. Clark House has its own room dedicated to STEAM, and students have regular opportunities to explore these areas while developing their own design thinking and critical thinking skills.

The Clark House is flanked by two playgrounds, one for our youngest students. At The Country School, we put much credence in the value of daily play as a rich and important vehicle for learning and development.

Beyond Clark House

Co-curricular courses are taught by specialists, and our young learners experience multiple learning environments and teachers, with regular visits to the library, science lab, STEAM lab, gymnasium, Children's Garden, and campus trails.