The Country School honors our students’ creativity, sense of wonder, and intellectual curiosity. Our integrated curriculum aligns rigorous academics with a commitment to character and leadership development. We nurture every student’s unique role in the community, empowering each to serve the common good. Graduates of The Country School face the future with confidence and an education that lasts a lifetime.

We live our Mission by:

The Mission of The Country School is embodied in the following Core Values, which are lived and felt daily within our community, fostering a positive school culture:

  • Kindness - “Be kind” is our guiding principle. We practice empathy by considering different perspectives and making all members of the community feel welcome, included, and respected. Our students look beyond themselves to work collaboratively and serve others.
  • Integrity - Our community is built on trust. We prepare students to meet not only academic challenges, but personal and ethical ones as well. As we tell our students, we all must do the right thing, even when no one else is watching.
  • Creativity - As we honor creativity, the sense of wonder, and exuberance in childhood, we inspire enthusiasm for learning as an exciting, lifelong activity. We value imagination and diverse ways of thinking.
  • Confidence - We teach students that their voices matter. We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where children feel comfortable speaking and acting with vision and conviction.
  • Resilience - Knowing that improvement requires a willingness to take risks, persevere, and learn from mistakes, we encourage and support students as they stretch their limits both in and out of the classroom. Through appropriate challenges and reflection, our students learn that adversity offers opportunities for growth.

Our three simple rules that we know children will be able to memorize and easily recite.

1. Be kind to others.

2. Respect everyone’s right to learn.

3. Take responsibility for yourself and your world.