Alumni: In Their Own Words

It was at The Country School that I found a love for academics that I never had before.... The academics at TCS marked a pivotal point in my life. Although my parents assure me that I would have done fine without it, I don't believe them at all. Simply put, TCS was the most important and influential school I have attended.

— Zef Konst '04, a graduate of Haverford College now studying for his PhD in Chemistry at UC Irvine

The Country School made such an important impact on my life that in many ways I attribute who I am today to this school. There are very few people who can say that their school became their home, but I believe alumni of TCS are among those few.

— Mary McGee ’05, a graduate of Muhlenberg College now working for The Atlantic

My teachers gave so much of themselves to me throughout my time at TCS, inspiring me to be the best that I could be. They taught me such incredible lessons that I will take with me forever. I could never forget the kind of passion they devoted to me during my four years. I see myself teaching in the future, and if I could be half the teacher that my TCS teachers were to me, I could change the world.

— Liz Walbridge '03, speaking when she was in college. She went on to teach English at Andover and Choate and is currently studying for her Masters at Harvard's Graduate School of Education

I became the person I am today because of The Country School.

— Bianca Salkin '06, a graduate of Villanova University now working in the fashion industry

I have a lot of fond memories of TCS and in particular am a strong believer that we need more young students motivated to go into the sciences (they seem to have this bad reputation of being difficult with little to gain).... I've noticed that the hard sciences are something of a one-way street where people only drop out of them into other subjects/majors (you never hear of somebody getting fed up with their history major and signing up for physics), so having a good foundation is really key to success.

— Tyler Jorgensen ’02, a graduate of Yale University now studying for his MBA at Penn