Model Facility and a Record to Make Us Proud

Our new state-of-the-art athletic facilities are the latest demonstration of the pride The Country School takes in fielding among the most competitive sports teams in New England for a school of its size.

Our record shows that we win games far out of proportion to the number of students we enroll, and we produce student-athletes who go on to compete at the varsity level in some of the top high school and collegiate programs across the country. In fact, since 2010, an average of five Country School alumni athletes per graduating class have gone on to compete at top NCAA Division I, II, and III schools, including Amherst, Boston College, Columbia, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, and Villanova — a staggering number considering that each class had an average graduating class size of 30.

Recent years have seen the school win league or tournament championships in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee, with several of our runners, some as young as age 6, qualifying to compete at the state, regional, and national levels.

We afford opportunities to every kid. If we have more kids than we need on one team, we just create another team. Nobody really knows when the kids are in elementary school that they are destined for a college program. But what you do sense is that they are really into what they do. You want to foster it, ratchet it up, make it fun and interesting. I'm really happy for the kids who go on to play in college, but I'm just as happy for the kids who didn't want to do much more than play on their high school team, or the kid who wants to go hiking every weekend, because all these people got what they wanted out of The Country School.

-Mr. Wallack's coaching philosophy

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