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Financial Aid

While the cost of tuition at The Country School is an expense, the value of an Education that Lasts a Lifetime is priceless. Families who feel the cost of attending The Country School is out of their reach should not hesitate to apply for financial aid. In recent years, financial aid awards have ranged between $500 and 60 percent of tuition.

Financial aid is determined by The Country School Financial Aid Committee with information from School and Student Services (SSS) which is managed by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). SSS analyzes financial data provided by families. To apply for financial aid, go to

For more information about The Country School financial aid program, please contact Pamela Glasser at or 203-421-3113, extension 122.

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Parent Webinars (recorded)
These topics are available for on-demand viewing for families on the SSS website at
Parent PDF Guides: (for downloading/printing)
Use these easily accessible PDF guides for understanding how to complete the PFS and the financial aid process:
More family resources and tools are available here: