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Archimedes Scholarship

The Country School is seeking motivated, talented students who will strive to do their best academically and actively participate in our community. We are excited to offer the Archimedes Scholarship to multiple students who are in the top of the applicant pool entering Grades 4-8.

Applicants must demonstrate good citizenship, exhibit outstanding academic potential in their academic records and testing (ISEE), and show evidence of community involvement.

All applicants for the Archimedes Scholarship will need to complete a separate essay. The Country School takes a family’s financial situation into consideration when determining the amount awarded through the Archimedes Scholarship. The applicant's family will need to complete a PFS through, which will aid the committee in understanding the family’s situation.

I feel like my son is getting his creativity back. When he entered Middle School at his old school, his interest in being creative seemed to be fading away. Now that he's at The Country School, he's writing again, he's reading, he's creating scripts and shooting movies. .. He's doing all of the things he used to do. He has the freedom to be a creative kid. For my son, this was vital. I've been walking on air since he came here.

— The parent of an Archimedes Scholarship recipient

For more information, please contact the Office of Admission at 203-421-3113, extension 122, or email

Why Archimedes?

The Archimedes Scholarship is named for Archimedes, the innovative Greek mathematician, physicist, astronomer, engineer, and inventor. The Country School mascot, an owl, is also called Archimedes.