Dear Prospective Families,

Welcome to The Country School, where we are committed to enrolling students who will make positive contributions to the community through academics, the arts, athletics, and service. We invite you to peruse our website for an overview of our application process and visit our campus so your family can witness firsthand the joys of learning at TCS, from PreSchool through Grade 8.

Throughout the entire application process, we will provide you with the necessary program information and the support you require. We understand that selecting the best school for your child is an important decision. Our admission process is inclusive and our team accessible. We will keep you informed of campus events — from celebrations of learning and concerts to family festivals and parent book discussions — and invite you to join us so that you can fully experience our community. Our doors are always open.

Begin your journey as a lifelong learner at The Country School. To schedule a tour, please contact the Office of Admission at 203-421-3113 x125 or

We look forward to meeting you!


Pam Glasser
Director of Admission

Kathleen Zane
Associate Director of Admission

Why TCS?

I largely credit The Country School for cultivating the desire to explore, discover, and continue to learn from an early age. It was an education that provided the foundation to keep looking toward the goal — much like the Times’ mission itself — of better understanding the world we live in.

— Harry Bradford ’00, deputy editorial director for The New York Times’ T Brand Studios

Teachers at The Country School really cared, and it wasn't just caring about test scores. Everyone had their own thing, and that was okay. I’m learning in psychiatry that every kid is in a different place. Country School teachers taught to where we were individually. I’m very lucky to have had that. The Country School was so ahead of its time.

— Ally Picard '07, a registered nurse specializing in pediatric psychiatry who is studying for her doctorate at Columbia University

Combine the the confidence to get out there and the knowledge that it’s okay to fail — and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today: a sports anchor at a local television station, in a position where I am in front of a camera, seen in households all over West Texas — without The Country School.

— Jake Gadon ’08, weekend sports anchor at KOAA5 in Colorado Springs, CO, former sports director and anchor at CBS7-KOSA in Odessa, TX

At The Country School, my coaches, my advisors, everyone there had my best interests at heart and I didn’t feel like just another person in the crowd. Those are some of my most cherished memories. It’s rare to say when you’re in Middle School that you have that.

— Kat Lauer ’06, development specialist at Motion Picture & Television Fund, former director of UCLA Athletics’ Bruin Varsity Club

You should never be afraid to be yourself, and part of being yourself is pursuing what you love. Country School created an environment where students could be whoever they wanted to be and never had to worry about being judged for it.

— Marissa Irwin ’05, founder of her own jewelry company, Marissa Irwin Designs, and former associate in business strategy and management at BlackRock in London

I have always loved making art, and I can confidently attribute a lot of that adoration to having been in Mr. A’s classes. For my entire 10 years at TCS, being in art class was always as serious a part of the school day as being in Physics or Algebra. However, I didn’t always think I would grow up to become an artist myself. I think that realization hit me when I was able to recognize that the kinds of challenges creating artwork presented me with every day were ones that I had endless motivation to overcome. Making art consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone, and allowing myself to exist in that space never fails to be deeply rewarding. Now, I really can’t imagine doing anything else.

— Whitney Lorenze '10, professional artist

"I have a lot of fond memories of TCS and in particular am a strong believer that we need more young students motivated to go into the sciences (they seem to have this bad reputation of being difficult with little to gain).... I've noticed that the hard sciences are something of a one-way street where people only drop out of them into other subjects/majors (you never hear of somebody getting fed up with their history major and signing up for physics), so having a good foundation is really key to success."

— Tyler Jorgensen ’02, a consultant at BCG and graduate of Yale (BS) and the University of Pennsylvania (MBA)

"I became the person I am today because of The Country School."

— Bianca Salkin '06, a graduate of Villanova University now working in the fashion industry

"My teachers gave so much of themselves to me throughout my time at TCS, inspiring me to be the best that I could be. They taught me such incredible lessons that I will take with me forever. I could never forget the kind of passion they devoted to me during my four years. I see myself teaching in the future, and if I could be half the teacher that my TCS teachers were to me, I could change the world."

— Liz Walbridge '03, speaking when she was in college. She went on to teach English at Andover and Choate, received her Masters at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, and now works for WGBH helping produce children's educational programs

"The Country School made such an important impact on my life that in many ways I attribute who I am today to this school. There are very few people who can say that their school became their home, but I believe alumni of TCS are among those few."

— Mary McGee ’05, a graduate of Muhlenberg College now working as an analyst for Pramana Collective

"It was at The Country School that I found a love for academics that I never had before.... The academics at TCS marked a pivotal point in my life. Although my parents assure me that I would have done fine without it, I don't believe them at all. Simply put, TCS was the most important and influential school I have attended."

— Zef Konst '04, a graduate of Haverford College (BA) and UC Irvine (PhD, Chemistry), now working as a medicinal chemist

"The Country School provided my three children with an incredible education from PreKindergarten through 8th Grade. They took their classroom on the road on their overnight Outdoor Education trips, collaborated with peers in the STEAM labs, confidently recited poetry, and demonstrated themselves to be true leaders and self-advocates. Throughout their years at TCS, they lived the school's three simple rules to 1) Be kind to others, 2.) Respect everyone’s right to learn, and 3.) Take responsibility for yourself and your world. My children - one now heading off to college - are prepared for any challenge that comes their way because of the foundation they gained at The Country School."

- Beth Coyne, P '15, '18

"Best education, caring teachers and a community that fosters friendship, leadership, respect and empathy for others. My two boys love going to school every day, and they are excited to come home and share what they learned. My boys learn very differently and since TCS focuses on the whole child approach to learning, it has been wonderful each and every year. The kids are taught to solve problems which is a life skill that will go way beyond TCS. In addition, the outdoor education is a huge bonus to their growth and development. Check it out for yourself. You will be impressed."

- Mary Didiuk, P '22, '24

"Extraordinary school with caring compassionate faculty. In the last four years TCS has become a true extension of our home and family."

- Fred Leiss, P '25

"A Country School education provides a beautiful balance between rigorous academics and upholding the sense of wonder and creativity in the child. TCS embraces the whole child, allowing him or her to grow and blossom in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. The leadership, public speaking, and outdoor education programs foster an authentic sense of self-confidence within the classrooms and beyond. A Country School education is truly an education that lasts a lifetime."

- Adrienne Sharon, P '21, '24