TEDxTheCountrySchool: Inspiring Talks, Engaged Audiences

Some 70 people joined us on March 3 for TEDxTheCountrySchool, featuring an array of thought-provoking talks around the subject of Synergy. Attendees also engaged in a series of hands-on activities designed to allow participants to engage in synergy.

The event marked the second time The Country School has held an official TEDx conference, presented in the spirit of TED, the nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Thank you to all of the speakers, listed below, who joined us for TEDxTheCountrySchool 2018.

Mohamed is a 6th Grader who was born in Syria and lived with his parents and two older siblings in Aleppo until they had to flee their home because of war. After years of waiting and a long journey, they arrived in Connecticut, where they joined Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Service's community of resettled refugees. Mohamed enjoys his new friends, playing soccer, and spicy food. Above all, he loves school.





Alexander is a Country School 6th Grader whose recitation of "The Bridge" by C. Dale Young, won him first place in the school's annual MacLane Poetry Recitation.








Official TEDxTheCountrySchool videos will be posted in the coming days. Until then, the talks can be seen from the livestream recordings from the day of the event.

Video 1: Matt Siracusa, Anders Waldo, Ari Mannan https://www.facebook.com/TEDxTheCountrySchool/videos/1992522881074769/

Video 2: Bob Ballard, Fahima Ali, Mohamed

Video 3: Marina Sachs, Theresa Govert, John Fixx, Alexander

Kudos and thank you to the TEDxTheCountrySchool team for organizing another successful and uplifting day. Special thanks to coordinators Laura Morrison and Ben Ballard '08 for their remarkable leadership.