Eighth Grader Models Quiet Leadership


At The Country School, we are committed to a vigorous academic curriculum, but we also believe that to be truly valuable and lasting, an education must foster social and emotional growth as well. To address this affective aspect of our curriculum, we have developed four mission-driven signature programs: Elmore Leadership, STEAM, Public Speaking, and Outdoor Education. The school-wide Elmore Leadership Program develops students into civic-minded citizens who will become tomorrow's leaders, practicing our Country School core values of kindness, respect, and responsibility. 

At our All School Meeting on Friday, Head of School John Fixx presented 8th Grader John Arrandale with the inaugural student Elmore Leadership Award.

Unassuming and tech-savvy, John recognized a problem with the online vocabulary program County School Middle School students use, and he set out to fix it. Kristin Liu, John's teacher noted, "We've been experiencing a few glitches with our online vocabulary program. Rather than use that as an excuse not to do his homework last night, John Arrandale took it upon himself to study the program's code." John sent an email to the company, and when that first attempt didn't fix the issue, he sent a detailed follow-up via Liu ending with, "Hopefully, that will clear some things up for them. Let me know if they ask any more questions. I will be glad to help."

John's quiet leadership impressed not only his teacher, but the Head of School. "While everyone else was simply frustrated, he invested his own time and expertise to solve the problem," Mr. Fixx said. "We are very, very proud of John."