A Happy First Day of School

Rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits on Wednesday, when The Country School opened its doors to 200 students for the first day of the 2017-2018 school year. There were smiles and laughter across campus, with one student, a new 3rd Grader, declaring that school was "awesome!" and a new Middle Schooler calling Wednesday "the best first day of school ever!"

Teachers were similarly upbeat. From a 5th Grade teacher in a note to home: "What a fine first day for 5th Grade! We were excited to meet and greet your very eager and motivated kids this morning. Their positive can-do attitudes and energy lasted throughout the day, which was full of introductions, team building, and starting new routines."

From 4th Grade: "We had a GREAT first day! Your children came in ready to start and they were eager to hear all about 4th Grade. We went through quite a bit today to help get the students organized for the year. In addition to the usual first day nuts and bolts, they went to some co-curricular classes. I am sure they will be very tired tonight!"

In 2nd Grade, students read Jitter Juice with their teacher (see photos above) and then drank some "jitter juice" to chase the jitters away! Thanks to the rain, they enjoyed indoor recess AND outdoor recess (one of our new students told us that the most unique part of her day was all the time she was able to spend outdoors). They had science and PE and library, explored the classroom and shared their "All About Me Bags" so everyone got to know each other a little better.

Kindergartners also spent time getting to know each other, their classroom, their materials, and their new routine. They enjoyed music with Mrs. Wepler and learned some new songs. They took advantage of a break in the rain to play outside with 1st Grade friends and later had a chance to break in some new yoga mats for some quiet time. The afternoon brought STEAM class with Mrs. Lariviere, where they played 20 questions to discover the surprise she had for them. Can you guess what the surprise was by looking at the photos below? Hint: After figuring it out, students discussed metamorphosis with Mrs. Lariviere and then set their new friends free in the Clark House garden.

From PreSchoolers, the report was similarly glowing, as you can tell by the smiles on the PreSchoolers' faces.

Here is a poem they shared in the PreSchool classroom:

Welcome, Welcome, I'm glad you're here,
We're going to have a wonderful year!
We'll paint and we'll glue.
We'll sing and we'll play,
and we'll learn new things each and every day!
There's lots to learn,
and fun things to do.
It should be awesome,
For PreSchool friends like you!

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