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Tuning into the Literary Station in 1st Grade

by Charly Weiss and Kate Treat, 1st Grade Teachers

A 1st Grader's favorite station isn't Nick Jr. or Disney Jr.  It's a station right in their own classroom!

The new year brought several new things in 1st Grade, including the start of Literacy Stations. Literacy Stations are activities and lessons that provide focus on a particular literacy skill. Each day the students spend time at one station, and then rotate through five stations over the course of five days. 

 Stations include the following:

  • Fluency Station
  • Sight Word Bingo Station
  • Handwriting Station
  • Word Sort Station
  • Working With Words Station (students work directly with Mrs. Hornyak)
  • Teacher Station (students work directly with Mrs. Treat and Mrs. Weiss)
  • Lexia station (students work with the reading program Lexia)


Two 1st Graders practice fluency by reading a story together. The story they are practicing has two alternating character parts.


Word Sorts are great practice to reinforce concepts learned in class like blends and digraphs.

The 1st Graders always love to work with Mrs. Hornyak!

Sight Words make reading easier. Sight Word Bingo is a great way to practice.


The Lexia station allows students to work independently with the reading program Lexia at their own pace.

The Handwriting Station is a great place to practice letter formation.

Two 1st Graders at a teacher station practicing reading "Just Right Books," and making (or as we like to say 'baking') words with the 'vowel - consonant - silent e' pattern with magnetic letters and baking sheets.

Literacy Stations provide the opportunity for 1st Graders to grow as readers and writers every day!

See how our 1st Graders are enjoying tuning into reading at the Literacy Station!