• Middle School
The Trophy is Ours

by Bob McGee, Basketball Coach

I could try to relate exactly what happened this past weekend during the Pine Point Tournament, but honestly all of it is simply a blur. We hit a three-point shot with one second on to the clock to send a game into overtime and eventually we won! We were behind all games in the second half. In the tournament game we were behind by five with four minutes to go only to have “Ice Cube” step up and hit a three and then a two within thirty seconds. We then ran a perfect, I mean perfect, offensive set and scored and honestly that was it.  Pine Point was down for the count. The “fat lady” sang. 

I told my boys as we entered the championship game to just enjoy the moment. Being able to enter the final round for any sport is rare...it just is.  I asked them to recognize that in this sport the opportunities are fleeting.  I asked them to be proud but in no way be satisfied. It was hard, it wasn’t pretty,  but we clawed our way to the championship round. At that point, and I stated this clearly: now is not the time to back down. I asked each player what he needed to do to walk out a champion. I made them commit to themselves and to each other publicly.

Bottom line: we were mentally stronger. We wanted it more. We dug deep, fought hard, never gave up, and willed most victories. Honestly, I have coached a long time, not necessarily at TCS. This was truly impressive in terms of resilience and just plain guts.  Our boys did themselves, their family, and most selfishly their rapidly aging coach and school proud.  

We brought home the trophy.