• Middle School
TCS Goes to Spain - Travel Journal

by Adriana Castillo, Spanish Teacher

El Palacio Real


A fabulous day in Madrid!  We all had a good night rest so we were ready for a full day in Madrid.  Sabela, our tour guide, had our agenda posted for us at the lobby. Our morning started with a walk to the Royal Palace. The kids were impressed by its magnificent extravaganza and its history as well as the incredible frescos in each room, each depicting a different aspect of the history of the time.

We stopped to buy the famous cookies made by the nuns.  These nuns live in a cloister, never to come out to civilization.  

At El Prado Museum we met a guide who walked us through the most epic paintings in the world. The museum is the third most important museum in the world. We had the same guide for El Museo de la Reina, where we saw the famous painting by Picasso “La Guarnica.”

We ended our busy day with a lesson of la cuisina  by the talented Alvaro, the chef. We made Paella. Each group was in charge of making different courses of our meal (aperativo, patata, paella, fruta/sangria y sobre mesas.  We ate and ate! 

We headed back to the hotel around 9:30 p.m. but before we stopped to stand in the “K center point of Spain”.  Hasta mañana. 


La Cuisina


El Metro


El Centro punto de Madrid



La ciudad de Madrid






El parque del Retiro



La Paella





The bus drove an hour to get to Toledo this morning after breakfast.  The expression “Holy Toledo” serves its purpose! Up, up, up, and up! No running here for sure!  The views of the old town of Toledo are just breathtaking. Toledo is known for its black/gold jewelry and beautiful crafted swords!  Philip was in his element. We went to a garage where they showed us how they make the swords.

We visited the Gothic cathedral and the Monasterio de los Reyes.  We had a personal tour guide for those sites and the students were involved and showed a lot of interest with the history.  

We had some tapas for lunch, steak and of course ice cream.  Lots of walking in the narrow streets, all the cars are very small and you are always hugging the walls.

Nice town to get souvenirs.  

Around 3:30 we came back to our bus and began our travel to Granada.

La Casa de la Trinidad hotel is very pretty and comfortable.  Mateo y Felipe have made friends with the students from Florida.

Our dinner tonight was at a local restaurant in Granada La Posada where they fed us way too much! The food was so good too. Awesome day!

We visit the Alhambra tomorrow in Granada and then off to Seville.

Don Quijote de la Mancha












Our last day in Granada. The kids LOVE the breakfast buffet set up in every hotel.  Our journey began at 8:30 in the bus to La Alhambra. 

La Alhambra is majestic.  A wonder in the world. How did they do it? We got to explore the last Moorish city to fall to the Christian Reconquista – Granada.  The Alhambra is a fortress palace surrounded by beautiful gardens. After the Alhambra we walked through the streets and found a traditional little tapas restaurant.  The rain has been holding off and is been sunny and pleasant. Lots of walking and lots of laughs. The group from Florida has been a blessing. Mateo and Felipe are having a great time with them.  

Later in the Afternoon we drove to Seville.  Our time in the bus for everyone means siesta. Seville is well known for their Flamenco Ole! The flamenco teachers were ready for us.  We had a lesson before our show.  It’s totally an art. These dancers go to school from a very young age.

After the flamenco lesson and show we drove to a very nice restaurant for our late dinner.  Our hotel for the next two nights is the very nice Al-Andalus Palace.








Our last stop! Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. It's famous for flamenco dancing.  We took a flamenco class, in which we learned its history and the traditional steps.  It was so much fun!  Some major landmarks that we visited were El Alcázar Castle built during the Moorish Almohad Dynasty, the 18th Century and the Gothic Seville Cathedral, the site of Christopher Columbus’s tomb, and a minaret turned bell tower the Giralda.  It was a climb but well-worth it!





















Seville Cathedral