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Studying Native Americans

by Alyson Cipollone, 3rd Grade Teacher

Planning & Design Phase

3rd Graders worked together with their village groups to discuss their plan. During this meeting time each group discussed the following questions:

1)What do we want to create?

2) How are we going to collaborate and share jobs?

3) What materials are we going to need?

The last step was to draw their designs. The design and collaboration piece of this experience was vital to our success out in the woods.


Building Phase

Once we worked together in the classroom, we were ready to start building outside!

Our village includes 3 groups:

1) Building Homes & Native American Games

2) Gardening, Cooking & Tools

3) Trapping (deadfall traps, snare traps etc.)




As a part of our Native American and Colonial days studies, 2nd and 3rd Graders got together to share the "Three Sisters Soup," and homemade corn bread and butter. 

Making our soup!





Enjoying our soup and cornbread!