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Songs that Inspire

by Vicki Wepler, General Music and Choral Director

Have you checked out the new movie musical The Greatest Showman yet? It's in theaters now, and regardless of your interest level in musical theater, this movie (especially in the theater) is not to be missed. In my humble, musical opinion, I think the movie and specifically the music share wonderful messages through songs that are catchy, appropriate for all age levels, and powerful. I've been using them during my classes in different ways. Click on the song titles below to hear them!

1) Song: "The Greatest Show"
Use as: A pump-up entrance song to begin a middle school class.

2) Song: "Come Alive"
Use as: A brain break dance tune for learners who need to move!

3) Song: "This Is Me"
Use as: A song selection for our spring concert theme "Songs That Bring Us Together."

Part of my IDEA (Interpreting Diversity Education Through Action) workshop also used "This Is Me" as an inspirational way to discuss how being different is what makes us all great. The photos below are from a bulletin board with lyrics from the song, written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.


 Students chose a line and drew their image of that line at the bottom.






 We also learned some simplified dance moves too. Ask them to show you!


I'm always searching for musical experiences to recommend to the TCS community that you can actually go and see with your whole family and enjoy together, so...