• Early Childhood
September STEAM

By Shari Lariviere, LS STEAM Coordinator

During Clark House STEAM classes, we have been getting to know each other through songs and games and fun activities.  We also have been working on building a safe, nurturing and empowering learning community together. Below is a quick glimpse.  

We have been raising, observing, and releasing Monarch butterflies.  The transformation from egg>caterpillar>chrysalis>butterfly has been amazing to experience! 




After the butterflies hatched we learned about how they eat with their probascis.  We made nectar using a ratio of 1:4 sugar and water. It was a delicious treat!  Some of us think it would be pretty cool to be a butterfly.



The first graders and kindergarteners used a map of The Country School to go on a hike in search of milkweed plants.  We found some!  On our maps we recorded the locations and observed the caterpillars we found.