• Early Childhood
School Beginnings

By Karen Chiaia, PreSchool Teacher

Our transition to school and throughout our PreSchool days have gone very smoothly. We are having a lot of fun having new faces in our classroom. With a new school year on its way, we will want to get to know everyone. Throughout these next few weeks, we are going to engage in some activities that will allow us to get to know each other better. We will talk about our similarities as well as our differences. Not only do we all look different, but we also have different interests. 

A few highlighted concepts we are learning about: 

• A classroom is made up of all different kinds of friends. 

• A classroom of friends needs to work together in order to get our daily routine accomplished. 

• As a team, we need to have a set of rules to help keep our classroom safe. 

• Our friends have many kinds of interests that make us different. 

• We see similarities and differences (eye color, hair color, nose, mouth, etc.) 

• At school and in our community our similarities and differences make us special.

In addition to getting to know their classroom teachers.  The children have been introduced to their co-curricular teachers. 

As many of you have gathered, we want your child’s PreSchool experience to be fun as well as educational. By exposing them to a variety of activities, games, songs, dances, manipulatives, stories etc., we hope to instill in them the desire to try new things as well as provide them with the opportunity to expand their skill base and World knowledge. Most importantly though, we want them to be happy and have fun as they share their days with their friends at TCS.