• Lower School
New Year in 2nd Grade


by Katie deChabert, 2nd Grade Teacher

Hopes and Dreams
Just as adults make New Year's Resolutions, 2nd Graders spent some time revisiting the Hopes and Dreams that they created at the beginning of the year.  Some goals have been reached and others are year-long goals.  The children had time to reflect on what they would like to focus on this trimester and added a new balloon to our Hopes and Dreams bulletin board. 

Our "Hopes and Dreams"

We have been spending a lot of time sharing poems together in preparation for the MacLane Poetry Recitation. As you know, the MacLane Poetry Recitation is the longest standing tradition at The Country School. Each child chooses a poem to memorize and recite. First and Second Graders will have their poetry recitation at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 21 in the DeFrancis Gym. Parents are invited to attend this dress up event. Your child needs to choose a poem for this. Spend time together looking through poetry books. We will also be reading poems at school and I too will help your child with his/her poem selection. We are very careful about not having duplicate poems recited in grades one through four. To that end, please help your child choose one or two favorites and bring the title and copy of the poems to class. Once chosen and added to the list, I will ‘reserve’ the poem for your child. 

  • Poems must be at least twelve-sixteen lines in length. If you are questioning the appropriateness of your child’s selection, do not hesitate to ask for help. 
  • Poems need to be chosen by Wednesday, January 24th
  • Poems need to be memorized by Monday, February 5th
  • Not only will we be reading poetry, we will be writing lots of different kinds of poems that we will look forward to sharing with you soon. 

During Reading Workshop, the children have been applying their fluency, decoding, and comprehension skills in order to "dig deeper" in their book club discussions. Once the children have finished examining the books that they have been reading in class, those books will be sent home so that they can be shared with you.

Word Study has us practicing dictionary skills. They children are learning to alphabetize words, use the guide words in a dictionary, and find the definition of words. Later in the year the children will all receive their very own dictionary. The dictionaries are presented on Dictionary Day, a fun TCS 2nd Grade tradition!

We have started our unit on multiplication and division. The children are learning that multiplication is repeated addition of equal groups. They have worked with manipulatives to visualize the process and are able to explain the relationship between addition and multiplication. This important seemingly basic concept will pave the way for more complex math concepts down the road. When we begin working on division, we will stress that division involves sharing equally into a given number of groups. 

Partners playing a multiplication game!

Social Studies
We have started our African study, beginning with learning key mapping skills that will help us navigate our "snow boat" to the continent of Africa!  They children will learn how to read and create a basic map, what the cardinal directions are, as well as the  lines of latitude and longitude.  If you get a chance, go check out our "snow boat"! 

Using Math to plan out our "snow boat"!


This compass tells us where our
snow boat is going to be at TCS!

Making our "snow boat"


This is snow much fun!