• Middle School
Model UN

by Jason Wainio, History Teacher and Model UN Advisor

On the first Saturday of March vacation, an intrepid group of 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students traveled to the Kingswood-Oxford School for their 6th annual Model UN event.  Fourteen students from The Country School represented the countries of Great Britain or Iran in three different committee groups.

They discussed topics and drafted resolutions around the subjects of nuclear proliferation, global health, and human rights. The Country School delegation had a great day, filled with enthusiasm and collaboration with students from around the state and beyond. 

The students were all deep into developing resolutions to the problems they had been working on.  I sat with our delegates at lunch, and they were all full of enthusiasm!  Many of them said, "This is more fun than I expected it to be."  They are collaborating with students from different parts of the state and beyond, like Killingly, Hamden, Tolland, Kingswood-Oxford and The Master's School to name a few.  They all shared stories of getting up and speaking, debating with others, and even having to stand their ground.  The faculty advisor, Stacey Savin of Kingswood-Oxford, acknowledged in this morning's opening ceremony that some may find it difficult to represent countries like North Korea and Iran, as their policies in areas such as human rights, are very different from our own.  They were encouraged to look at this as playing a role in a play and try to be authentic in their representation.  It is truly a challenging use of empathy that stretches their intellect and ability to see other perspectives in regards to how people live.  

The kids were also really curious about how I was spending my day.  Besides walking around and taking a few photos, the faculty advisors all meet and discuss different strategies they use to work with the students, how to improve the KO Model UN event for future years, have great discussions with colleagues from different schools around education and curriculum, and catch up on some work, too.  The Country School has been a part of each Model UN event at KO since its inception and that fact is very appreciated by the organizers at Kingswood-Oxford.  Thank you all for supporting this event and encouraging your children to attend and special thanks to Mrs. Pam Glasser who brought this opportunity to our attention six years ago!

Three students were recognized for their outstanding contributions in the committee work:  6th Graders Tessa B., Constance S. and Helen S.  Congratulations to them and to all the delegates who made this event such a success. 

We are all looking forward to next March's event!!!