• Lower School
Leaping Into Literature in First Grade!

By Kate Treat and Charly Weiss, 1st Grade Teachers

In 1st Grade we love to read, so all of us were very excited to embark upon our first author study about Kevin Henkes!

We have been enjoying learning all about Kevin Henkes such as how he does his illustrations, how he chooses characters for his books, and what inspired him to become a writer!

Are you familiar with Kevin Henkes?  If not, ask your child about what they’ve learned about him as an author and what they think about his books!  In 1st Grade we have enjoyed listening to several Kevin Henkes’ books, including “Wemberly Worried,” “Owen,” and “Sheila Rae, The Brave.” Wemberly is the main character in “Wemberly Worried,” and is a little mouse who worries about everything. We used the book to think about some of the things that we worry about, and we wrote some great ideas down using a writing prompt. 

After we read a Kevin Henkes’ story, we always use it as springboard to help learn about parts of a story such as main characters, theme, and setting. Did you know that Kevin Henkes always uses mice as his main characters? Pretty cool, right?

If you happen to stop by Mrs. Treat’s or Mrs. Weiss’s classrooms, check out our “Wemberly Worried” writing, our story charts for Kevin Henkes’ books, or take a look at a great Kevin Henkes’ book! We have lots of them!