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Leading the Way to a Cleaner Planet

by Mrs. deChabert, 2nd Grade Teacher

The 2nd Graders have been involved in an exciting Elmore Leadership initiative that also supports our school wide STEAM initiative to find ways to eliminate the use of plastics. As you may know, the school-wide Elmore Leadership Program develops students into civic-minded citizens who will become tomorrow's leaders, practicing our Country School core values of kindness, respect, and responsibility.  

With that in mind, our school is taking part in the Crayola Color Cycle Program and the 2nd Graders are leading the way! Check out this video that explains the Color Cycle Program: Kids News

How will we do this? First we collected used containers and decorated them so that they could be placed in each office and classroom on campus. Next we needed to prepare what we would say to classes so that they would understand our project goals. We practiced our public speaking and then went around campus to deliver our boxes! The second graders will use their leadership and public speaking skills again and again this year when they travel around the campus to collect the markers that have been added to the containers. At the end of the year, we will box up all of the markers and send them off so that they can be recycled into diesel fuel!

Decorating Our Recycled Containers

Our finished boxes....practicing what we'll say when we make our deliveries!

Thank you to all of the 2nd Grade families who sent in recycled containers for us to use in this project. Remember that you can send in any brand marker from home (including dry erase) and we will add them to our collection. Together we will make a big difference as we eliminate plastics from our community.