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Join our STEAM Dream Team

by Louise Jackson, STEAM Coordinator and Math Teacher

Splashed all over the media, from National Geographic to The New York Times, is the hot topic of the harmful effects of plastic waste in our waters. Country School is embarking on a related school-wide environmentally-themed STEAM initiative at a time when there is a heightened awareness of this problem; in fact, many towns including Madison have already been proactive in dealing with the issue of plastics in our waters. Repurposing and Eliminating Plastic on Campus is Country School's own spin on the topic, introduced to us last year by then 5th Graders Tanner W. and Ryan H.

The entire school, from the youngest to the oldest, will embrace this project. This is where you come in. We welcome all parents to help us with this initiative.

Many towns and countries are already being proactive with efforts to ban single use plastic bags, mylar balloons, and plastic straws, and Madison's Chamber of Commerce is embarking on "Turn the Tide on Plastic," a campaign similar to ours. In addition to Country School's usual Little Miss Hoot scarecrow, our 6th Graders will partner with the Chamber of Commerce to craft another one out of discarded plastic bags, bottles, etc. to promote awareness for their initiative.

scarecrow legs

The Class of 2019 has also expressed an interest in reducing plastic waste. Their suggestion is to eliminate plastic water bottles by obtaining water dispensers at school. And knowing that art evokes emotion and inspires action, PreSchool through 8th Grade students will – with community support – create art that reflects this theme.

This project starts with awareness. Shari Lariviere, STEAM Coordinator for PreSchool through 2nd Grade, has already started working on this campaign in the Clark House STEAM lab, and Stephanie Johnson, science teacher, had her 6th Grade students create infographics to demonstrate how plastics are polluting the world.

I am really excited to get going on this initiative which was inspired by our own students last year, and I'm greatly appreciative of all the interest and support that people are showing so early in the game. I am continually impressed with the dedication, creativeness, and the hard work of my colleagues in the TCS community and the amazing ideas that have already been generated; it is truly an honor to work with colleagues who care so deeply.

Join us to Repurpose and Eliminate Plastic on Campus! Whatever help or time you can give is appreciated. Contact Louise Jackson.