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Getting Back at It

by Alyson Cipollone, 3rd Grade Teacher

On the first day back from break we revisited our classroom rules & guidelines. We did this by taking part in an around the room activity. The words "WELCOME BACK" were spread around the classroom. Each letter had a question to answer or an idea to think about regarding classroom guidelines and goal setting. This was fun! 




We also revisited our "Hopes & Dreams" from the beginning of the school year. Some 3rd graders kept their original goals and some made new goals for themselves. We changed our clouds & stars to snowflakes & snowballs! We will revisit our Hopes & Dreams again after March Break. 

In Word Study we have been focusing on contractions and plurals. Word sorts are a great way to recognize the patterns and the rules. How do you know when to add s OR es to make a word plural? Ask a 3rd grader!!!

In Math we reviewed our x6 facts and learned our x7 and x8 facts. We made flashcards, played games, solved word problems, stretched our minds with challenging equations, created arrays, and were tested on our math fact fluency. 

x7 "Catch the Monkeys"


Creating arrays in our Math Notebooks

In Reading & Writing we began our study of poetry. We explored a variety of unique poems. We read some independently, in pairs, and also as a whole group. We learned that poems can be written about ANYTHING! We will continue our study of poetry over the next month or so. 

In Social Studies we began our study of the Age of Exploration. We asked ourselves, "What happened to Native American life once the Europeans arrived?" We learned WHY explorers left their homes and HOW they arrived in the "New World," and not in Asia where they had hoped to land. 

To begin our study we searched for GOLD! Some explorers left their homes in search of gold. Many people thought that Asia was loaded with gold, silver, and precious stones. By finding a "quick" way to Asia, explorers could collect these gems and bring them back. Each group worked together to find gold in Robinson House. With some clues and a little guidance, they successfully found GOLD! After the activity was over we discussed some of the challenges that explorers might have faced while searching for gold or other riches. 



Explorer Stations

Science with Mrs. Johnson