• Primary
Charts, Graphs, and Surveys

by Charly Weiss, 2nd Grade Teacher

Our recent math unit was focused on graphing! Second graders learned how create a picture graph, use tally marks to gather data, and even how to conduct a survey and graph the results.   They then interpreted the data by answering questions about the results. We had fun coming up with survey topics. Some were: favorite ice cream flavor, favorite pet, favorite sport.... We also enjoyed sorting and graphing M&Ms and then eating the results!!

Snowmen at Night

Have you ever wondered, what do snowmen do at night? After reading Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner, the second graders had some fun imagining what their very own snowman might do at night. They then wrote some very entertaining stories and used their art skills to create snowmen at night!


Life Lessons From Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Mrs. Hornyak read a special book to us called Rudolph's Lessons For Life by Joie Scott-Poster. This adaptation, told from Santa's point of view, shows Rudolph dealing with issues like how to overcome obstacles, what it takes to become a leader, the importance of self-esteem, the benefits of teamwork, how being considerate of others will make one feel good and the value of diversity. We all loved listening to this story right before the holidays!