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Celebrating the Arts in 4th Grade


by Heather Butler, 4th Grade Teacher

Fourth Graders spent the month creating poems of their own by studying various poem styles and poetic devices.  Some forms they tried out this month include:

  • Free Verse
  • Tag: A Collaborative Poem
  • Creating a New Word for the Dictionary (Inspired by “The Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll)
  • Odes
  • Reverso / Mirror Poems
  • Name Poems
  • Pantoums
  • When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking
  • If I Were in Charge of the World
  • Bio Poems (English and Spanish)
  • I Remember Poems



In music class, students are making connections between poetry and music. They are memorizing Langston Hughes' poem "Democracy" to uncover the rhythm of poetry, and discussing how rhythm can influence the meaning of each word when it's shared out loud. In addition, the classes will soon be composing their own melodies using the words of "Democracy" as their lyrics. 

In the art studio, the students studied the work of two contemporary African American artists, Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. These two artists have been chosen to create the official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, After learning about Wiley and Sherald's work,they made self-portraits in the style of one of these artists to accompany their bio poems.






This past Thursday night, we celebrated their work at the Fourth Grade Poetry Cafe where families and friends joined us in the Dining Hall to hear the creative pieces recited. All of the poems presented at the Poetry Cafe reflect the student's own personality, interests and beliefs.