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Book Clubs, Long Division, Creation Myths
by Alyson Cipollone, 3rd Grade Teacher

Book Clubs

3rd graders have been working in book club partnerships. Our mini-lessons highlight the importance of collaboration and communication. 

Good Readers Choose Books that:

- Aren't too hard

- Sound interesting


They do this by:

  • Looking at the title
  • Reading the summary on the back of the book
  • Making predictions
  • Reading the first few pages


Readers Work in Partnerships!


  • Make a plan
  • Set goals
  • Listen Carefully
  • Communicate
  • Stay on track and stay focused
  • Come prepared

Each partnership chose a book that they felt was both interesting and just-right. Then, they set goals and made a calendar. Each group decided how many chapters they were going to read a night and when they were going to complete the book.

Choosing our books
Mrs. Hornyak's mini lesson on using sticky notes to record 
or remember reactions to specific parts in a book. 

Creation Myths

In writing we have been working on creation myths or stories. Creation myths are stories about how something from nature came to be. This writing unit connects to our study of Native Americans. First, we read creation myths aloud and in groups. Then, we thought of our own topics. Here are a few:

  • Why giraffe has a long neck
  • Why space is black
  • How waterfalls came to be
  • Why the sun as rays
  • Why bananas are yellow
Using our graphic organizers to guide us through out first drafts.


Remainder game
Long Division/Remainder game

In Math we are learning Long Division. We started with pictures and manipulatives. Then, the children were introduced to the "open box" and the algorithm. The steps for long division are as follows:




Bring down


We use the acronyms:

Dirty                 Does

Monkeys          McDonalds

Smell                Sell

Bad                   Burgers


... to help us remember the steps!


We will continue to practice this skill over the next couple of weeks. 


Northeast Native American Celebration of Learning




Sharing with our Reading Buddies!