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Beyond Busy in Kindergarten

by Tabatha Kiely, Kindergarten Teacher

As you know, the Kindergartners LOVE to build! But now we are taking it to a new level in preparation for our architecture unit. The students have been experimenting with combining different materials and using them in a variety of ways. They have been designing with a purpose in mind or a challenge, such as trying to create the tallest tower that would support our bear counters. They are learning about the properties of materials and how those properties affect building design and use. They are also learning to do "Building Talks" to share and explain their design and process to classmates.  The focus is on the process of collaborating, thinking, implementing, and reflecting rather than on the end product. The building experiences in this unit foster a growth mindset approach that encourages cooperation, creativity, resilience, empathy, and perseverance. The Kindergartners are also working on sketching their buildings and learning about two dimensional vs. three dimensional shapes.  This is always a fun and engaging unit that Mrs. Lariviere and I love to incorporate into STEAM as well as the regular Kindergarten day...more to come!

We started off the New Year reviewing our sight words, reading strategies, and familiar books. The Kindergartners have been exploring a new collection of Winter books in the classroom and learning new books that they can read independently and then teach their classmates.  

We have also been comparing and contrasting different versions of The Gingerbread Man, focusing on story elements and retelling the stories using puppets.  We even got together with our first grade friends to make (and eat!) gingerbread men-YUM!

Moon Madness--we learned about the recent lunar eclipse and Blood Moon in STEAM as well as about craters on the moon. The Kindergartners got to experiment with making craters and then observing the shape and parts of the crater.  

Of course, we just love spending time with our classmates, reading buddies, and Spanish buddies... reading, creating, and playing with friends of all ages!