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Another Busy and STEAMy Week!

by Shari Lariviere, STEAM Coordinator

Click on this link:  Video highlights from the week

PreSchoolers have been learning about spiders and insects.  We made some cool ladybugs using the special rock we found on our outdoor hike.

PreSchoolers enjoyed going on a "color hunt" using our homemade binoculars. 

This week, the kindergarteners studied the pond water sample that we took from our  Bauer Park field trip. 
We found: duckweed, a dragonfly nymph, isopods, some kind of worm and some other tiny critters in the water.  We compared the pond water to tap water.  Kindergarteners enjoyed sharing their findings with the 1st Graders.

The 1st Graders have been working on their final engineering challenge for the school year. The challenge: Using what they have learned about sound and light, they are designing a device which will allow them to communicate without words to a person at least 2 meters away from them.  The students have been learning about the evolution of communication including Morse Code, which is coming in handy for some.

Thank you to Emmy’s dad, Mr. Liu for come in and sharing his experience and expertise with bees! 

This HUGE uninvited guest, also known as Fred, prompted a spontaneous lesson for PreSchool and Kindergarteners together.  According to our research, we think he is a wolf spider.  He now resides comfortably under a big tree OUTSIDE, on campus.

Video Highlights From This Week

Click on the link above!