• Early Childhood
A Butterfly's Journey

by Shari Lariviere, PreSchool Teacher, Lower School STEAM Coordinator

Lower school STEAM students at The Country School begin the school year discovering the magical metamorphic journey of the monarch butterfly. From preschool through first grade, students study the monarch in STEAM class. The students begin by hunting the TCS campus; looking for the indigenous milkweed plant which is important to both the caterpillar and the butterfly. The younger students learn about the butterflies through music, movement, puppets, and dance. Kindergarten and first graders use ratio to create nectar. The students make their own nectar and taste the delicious treat that the butterfly feasts on after it hatches from its chrysalis. During the study of the butterfly anatomy, first graders use a rubric to engineer a unique model of a butterfly, including the proboscis, from which the butterfly drinks nectar. Students also learn about the symmetry of butterflies which leads to a greater study of symmetry in nature. Once the butterflies hatch, students release them on campus. Throughout the year, students study the migration patterns of the monarch butterfly south. We wonder each fall, were those the monarchs related to the ones we raised and released last year?

I’m a butterfly!
Monarch Magic
Observing and Dancing
Discovering the taste of nectar…
Making Nectar