Test Results Place Country School Math Students at the Top - Worldwide
Posted 10/01/2014 11:46AM

Congratulations to this year’s 5th Graders. Last year, when they were in 4th Grade, members of the Class of 2018 participated in a math assessment known as the Connecticut Independent School Test of Mathematics, or CISTM. Given through the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, CISTM is a replica assessment drawn from previous administrations of the international math test, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). By participating in the test, Connecticut independent schools are given a benchmark, allowing them to compare Connecticut students to relative students in 26 countries in the TIMSS sample. 

The results, announced recently by the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, include some great news for The Country School: The score of the average TCS math student falls in the highest band possible. In fact, the score of the average TCS student "places the school at or above the achievement level of the countries in the top decile of performance (Singapore and Chinese Taipei)," according to a letter from Doug Lyons, Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools. 

"You and the faculty at The Country School should be proud of this result," Mr. Lyons said. "Bravo!"


Head of School John Fixx said the school is immensely proud of the results—and of students and teachers. “For almost 60 years, The Country School has reviewed and adopted best practices in education,” he said. “I am so proud of our faculty for wholly embracing curricular advances and for their deep commitment to our students. Likewise, I am proud of our students for being such eager and enthusiastic learners."

Mr. Fixx also thanked members of the Board of Trustees for their commitment to making Country School teachers they best they can be. "To prepare our graduates for the finest secondary schools and high schools in the United States requires a perpetual commitment to the professional development of our faculty," he said. "I thank the Board of Trustees for providing the necessary funding. It is both exciting and rewarding to see The Country School community come together to support our students, who show they are among the best in the world."