The Athletics Program is directed by Chris Wallack, a long-time educator and coach who is happy to see his students excel but is really motivated by seeing them try something new. Teachers join Mr. Wallack to serve as coaches for the various teams.

Mr. Wallack's philosophy:

We afford opportunities to every kid. If we have more kids than we need on one team, we just create another team. Nobody really knows when the kids are in elementary school that they are destined for a college program. But what you do sense is that they are really into what they do.
You want to foster it, ratchet it up, make it fun and interesting. I'm really happy for the kids who go on to play in college, but I'm just as happy for the kids who didn't want to do much more than play on their high school team, or the kid who wants to go hiking every weekend, because all these people got what they wanted out of The Country School.

To read a newspaper article about Coach Wallack and the student-athletes he has inspired over the years, click here.

Head of School John Fixx serves as The Country School's head Cross Country coach. He sees a connection between the grit and teamwork required to perform on an athletic team and the perseverance and teamwork needed to excel in the classroom.

Sports provide opportunities to learn about perseverance, focus, and the importance of working together —some of the same skills students need when conducting a science experiment, leading a service initiative, or competing in a robotics tournament. Sports teach students that it is OK to fail and that sometimes you can learn more from a loss than you can from a win.

We are proud of the fact that, at The Country School, every child has an opportunity to play and that, when they graduate, Country School students know what it means to be a member of a team.

For more from Mr. Fixx, read Running and Rigor, Blisters and Biology, Sweat and Sacrifice at The Country School.


Because we believe our athletes learn most when they are challenged, Country School teams plays a variety of opponents throughout the year. Typical opponents include:

Chase Collegiate
Cheshire Academy
Choate Rosemary Hall
Eagle Hill School
East Haven
Ezra Academy
Hamden Hall
Independent Day School
Mooreland Hill
Our Lady of Mercy
Pine Point
St. John's

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